How to change a chemical pump setpoint in the Field App

Here's how to change the injection rate setpoint of a WellAware chemical pump controller using the Field App

Last Updated: November 3rd, 2021

WellAware makes it easy to manage devices in the field using the Field App, a Bluetooth-enabled app for iOS and Android devices that lets you wireless pair to any WellAware Connect or Sense device and manage its applications.

This article explains how to use the Field App to update a setpoint on a chemical pump linked to a WellAware Connect device with the Pump Monitoring and Control (PMC) subscription.

Navigating to the Pump Application home screen

  • Pair to the WellAware Connect in the Field App. Learn how >
  • Select the Pump Application tile on the Device Home Screen.

Don’t see the Pump Application tile? Your WellAware subscription on this device may not include pump monitoring and/or control. Contact WellAware Client Success for more info.

Changing the setpoint

  • From the Pump Application home screen, select "Change Setpoint"
  • Enter the New Injection Setpoint, noting the flow rate units applied to the controller.
  • Press "Submit"
  • The injection rate setpoint is now updated!

Caution: Entering a setpoint at or above the Maximum Pump Output will cause the pump to run continuously.

Tip: New setpoint isn't giving you the right rate? Try recalibrating the chemical pump using the Field App. Learn how >