How to recalibrate a WellAware Tank Level

A step-by-step guide on recalibrating a WellAware Tank Level Monitoring device using the Field App

Last Updated: October 1st, 2021

Once a WellAware Device with the Tank Application has stored calibration data, recalibration is a very simple and quick process, thanks to the calibration wizard in the WellAware Field App.

This article will show you how to quickly recalibrate a WellAware Tank Level using the Field App.

Note: “Recalibrating” is different from clearing the calibration and beginning a new calibration. For information on when to clear the calibration and/or start a new calibration, read this article >

Navigating to the Tank Calibration Screen

After connecting to a WellAware Device in the Field App, select the Tank Application tile on the Device Home Screen, select the correct tank, and then click “CALIBRATE”.


Note: If, after multiple attempts to recalibrate, the tank level data reported by WellAware is significantly inaccurate (i.e. repeatedly off by 10 gallons or more), then you should clear the calibration and set a new calibration by following these steps >

Tip: For more information on the WellAware Tank Application in the Field App, read this article >

Recalibrating the Tank Level Sensor

To recalibrate the WellAware Tank Level, follow these steps:

  • From the Tank Home Screen, tap the CALIBRATE tile.

Warning: Make sure the tank level sensor is completely submerged in the product and sitting on the bottom of the tank before proceeding to the next step.

  • If you have adjusted the sensor to ensure it is settled, start the 20-second timer and wait for it to complete.
  • Tap “NEXT”.
  • Enter the current observed product volume in gallons.

Tip: Use the markings on the side of the tank, if available, to determine the current volume. The images below indicate best practices on inferring volumes between markings for both vertical and horizontal cylinders.






  • Tap “SUBMIT”.

The recalibration is now complete!

Return to the Tank Home Screen and confirm that the displayed volume matches the actual volume in the tank.

If it is not within a few gallons of the actual reading, try to recalibrate again. If the recalibration is consistently off by more than a few gallons, clear the calibration and set a new calibration using these steps >.