List of supported chemical pumps

WellAware supports most makes and models of oilfield chemical injection pumps. Here is a complete list of confirmed pumps that WellAware supports

Last Updated: November 16th, 2021


Below you will find an alphabetized list of all major chemical pump makes and models for which we have confirmed support for our Pump Monitoring & Control and On Demand Chemical products.

Note: This is a list of pumps that have been confirmed to work with WellAware pump controllers through both field and lab use. Just because you don't see a particular pump on this list doesn't mean it cannot be supported. If you have a pump that you would like confirmed, please contact us at

In general, WellAware supports the following types of pumps:

  • 12V DC (Solar) Plunger-Style Pumps with Single-Phase Motors
  • 110-220V AC (Electric) Plunger-Style Pumps with Single-Phase Motors
  • 110-220V AC (Electric) Metering Pumps with Single-Phase Motors*
  • 12V DC VSD Pumps with VSD Controller accepting 0-5V analog control input

*Some metering pumps not supported. To check for compatibility, view the list below

List of Supported Chemical Pumps

  • Advantage Pumps Series B
  • Bodine 34R6BFCI-WX3 (VSD Motor)
  • Checkpoint FXS
  • Checkpoint FXA
  • Flomore 2000
  • Flomore 3500
  • Flomore 4400
  • Flomore 4500
  • Graco G-Chem
  • Graco G-Chem VSD
  • Graco G-JR
  • Graco Wolverine
  • Graco Wolverine VSD
  • Helios 2500S
  • Helios 5000S
  • LMI B121
  • LMI B931
  • LMI C701
  • LMI C911
  • LMI C931
  • LMI P141
  • LMI P151
  • Megas MEP CR
  • Megas MEP QD
  • Megas MEP IQ
  • Megas MEP IQ+
  • MG&G SE
  • MG&G SSE
  • ProMinent CNPA
  • PULSAtrong Series C
  • PULSAtron Series E
  • PULSAtron Series HV
  • PULSAtron Series MP
  • PULSAtron Series T7
  • Sidewinder AC
  • Sidewinder Solar
  • Sidewinder Solar Hazardous
  • Sirius Fusion (Controller)
  • Sunpumper 113
  • Sunpumper 880
  • Texsteam 2200
  • Texsteam 2400
  • Texsteam 2500
  • Texsteam iCIP
  • Timberline  Series 4000
  • TXAM HWP100
  • TXAM Metering Pump
  • Wellmark EIP
  • Wellmark ELP
  • Wellmark EXP
  • Western MA-MT