Understanding the Tank Application

Information on how to use the Tank Application in the Field App to monitor tank levels and calibrate tank level sensors onsite.

Last Updated: October 1st, 2021

Every WellAware Device comes preloaded with various WellAware Asset Apps based on the subscription type that was purchased. The Tank Application is one such Asset App that is included with subscriptions that include a tank level monitoring service.

The Tank Application can be managed and configured on your WellAware Devices using the WellAware Field App.

This article explains the Tank Application and how to use it to view tank levels while on location, as well as calibrate and recalibrate tank level sensors on WellAware Devices used to monitor tank levels at your facilities.

Accessing the Tank Application

When you connect to a WellAware Device in the Field App, you’ll be able to view its list of Asset Apps below the device information on the Device Home Screen.

To access the Tank Application, tap the Tank Application tile on the Device Home Screen. The Tank Application can be found as the tile with a tank icon and the name “TANK”.

Device Home Screen

Don’t see the Tank Application tile? Your WellAware subscription on this device may not include tank level monitoring. Contact WellAware Client Success for more info.

Selecting the Appropriate Tank

By default, the Tank Application can support up to 3 tank sensors wired into a WellAware CONNECT Device. In general, these tank selections map to the analog inputs where tank level sensors are wired into the CONNECT as follows:

  • Tank 1 > Vi1
  • Tank 2 > Vi2
  • Tank 3 > Vi3

If you are unsure which tank you need to manage, trace the wires from the tank level sensor in the tank you want to manage back to the CONNECT, and find the terminal block at which they terminate.

Note: Most WellAware CONNECT devices have only one tank connected into block Vi1. In this case, select Tank 1.

Navigating the Tank Home Screen

After you select a tank, you’ll be taken to the Tank Home Screen for that particular tank. On the Tank Home Screen, you’ll find:

  • A graphic of the tank, indicating the tank shape and percentage of the tank filled
  • The current volume of product in the tank
  • The tank sensor voltage
  • Options to calibrate the tank and see advanced settings

Tank Home Screen

Tank Graphic

The tank graphic provides a visual animation of the shape of the tank, plus a visual guide to the current level in the tank indicating how full the tank is on a percentage basis. 

Tank Home Screen - tank graphic

Product Volume

The product volume reading is based on the current sensor voltage and the tank calibration constants.

Tank Home Screen - volume

Sensor Voltage

The sensor voltage shows the actual analog voltage being measured from the tank sensor.

Tank Home Screen - voltage

Note: The standard WellAware tank level sensor uses a 1-5V DC signal, where 1 V indicates zero level, and 5 volt indicates the maximum sensor range. Most tanks will not read the maximum sensor range when completely full.

Note: The tank graphic, product volume, and sensor voltage will all update in real-time as the level in the tank changes.

Tank Calibration

To calibrate the tank level sensor, press the “CALIBRATE” tile on the Tank Home Screen. This will walk you through a calibration wizard for the specific sensor and application.

Tank Home Screen - calibrate

When the WellAware tank level sensor is first installed, the calibration process will require additional steps to establish the calibration constants. Once the initial calibration is complete, recalibrating the tank is a one-step process, unless the calibration is cleared.

Tip: You must recalibrate the tank level sensor when a new type of product is introduced into the tank. Additionally, WellAware strongly recommends recalibrating the tank level sensor anytime a fill or delivery event occurs at that tank. The calibration should be performed right after the fill event occurs for the best accuracy.

To clear the calibration and start a new calibration, tap the Advanced tile and then tap “CLEAR CALIBRATION”. This will clear the calibration constants and require that you complete the full calibration process before tank data will resume streaming.

Tank Home Screen - advanced Tank Advanced Screen Tank Clear Calibration Confirm

Tip: In most cases, it is not necessary to clear the calibration and start over. There are two scenarios, however, where clearing the calibration is recommended:

  1. You are replacing the current sensor with a new sensor
  2. The tank reading is consistently inaccurate despite multiple attempts to recalibrate

For detailed instructions on tank calibration, see the following articles:

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