The Field App 101

A quick explanation of how the WellAware Field App works, and how to use it to manage and configure WellAware Devices in the field.

Last Updated: September 23rd, 2021

The WellAware Field App is a mobile app available for both iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones and tablets that allows users to wirelessly connect to and manage WellAware devices, including CONNECT and SENSE.

This article explains how to use the Field App to connect to and manage WellAware devices in the field.

Downloading the Field App

Before using the WellAware Field App, you’ll need to download the app on either the Apple App Store (for iPhones and iPads) or the Google Play Store (for Android smartphones and tablets).

In either store, search for “WellAware Field” and download the app with this icon. wellaware field app in the apple app store

Or, use the links below on your smartphone or tablet to go directly to the Field App download page.

Download the Field App for iOS >

Download the Field App for Android >

Once installed, you can begin using the Field App.

Logging in to the Field App

All WellAware devices are secured through tenant-based authentication methods to ensure only authorized users can connect to and manage devices using the Field App. To connect to devices using the Field App, you will first need to log in.

Don’t have a login? Contact WellAware Client Success >

Follow these steps to log in to the Field App:

  1. Open the Field App on your smartphone
  2. On the landing screen, press Get Started
  3. If prompted, allow “” to Sign In by clicking “Continue
  4. Enter your username and password
  5. Press Log In

Forgot your password? Click the link that says “Don’t remember your password?” and follow the prompts to reset your password.

Selecting Your Company

After you log in, you’ll need to select the Company that owns the devices you want to access. This will ensure that only users authorized to manage that Company’s devices have access.

Note: Most users will only have access to one Company, though some users may have multiple Companies depending on their role or organizational structure. If you have access to multiple Companies, you’ll need to select the appropriate Company for the devices you want to connect to.

Connecting to a WellAware Device

Before connecting to a device using the Field App, you will need to scan for nearby devices available for connection.

To scan for devices, navigate to the Home screen. Once on the home screen, you can scan for devices by pulling down to refresh the screen, or by clicking SCAN.

Nearby devices will appear in a list with the device name, device type, device group, serial number, and signal strength.

Device not showing up? Troubleshoot device scanning issues >

When you see the device that you want to connect to, simply tap that device on the list, and the Field App will connect to the device.

Reconnecting to a WellAware Device

The Field App will disconnect from a connected device if you lock your phone screen. To reconnect, simply reopen the Field App, and follow the prompt to reconnect to the device.

You can also return to the Home screen and reconnect to the device through the same process described above. Note you may need to rescan for a device if you become disconnected and are unable to reconnect.

Navigating the Device Home Screen

When you connect to a WellAware device using the Field App, you will be taken to the Device Home Screen. The Device Home Screen allows you to view device information, as well as navigate the various WellAware Device App loaded onto that WellAware Device.


Note: WellAware Asset Apps are loaded onto the device based on the type of subscription purchased, and cannot be changed except by WellAware personnel.

All WellAware devices come with certain default WellAware Asset Apps, including:

  1. Security
  2. Network Diagnostics
  3. Network Pairing
  4. Diagnostics

In addition, the WellAware Device will contain purchased WellAware Asset Apps based on the subscription type. These WellAware Asset Apps generally reflect the type of asset or process being connected to (e.g. Tank, Pump, etc.).

Clicking on a WellAware Asset App will allow you to manage that particular application.

For a complete guide to the Field App, you can download this pdf:

Field App User Guide