What information is available in the Overview tab?

In the Overview tab of LIFT 2.0 you will find your three main assets, the Connect, Pump, and Tank.

Connect - The Connect is the Wellaware unit on site installed on your tank.  From the Connect tab you are able to find:

Serial number
Install date/time
Internal battery voltage (when applicable)
Cell signal bar strength
How many days offline (if any)
External voltages



Pump - The Pump tab is where you will find your pump information such as:

Pump brand, model and power type
Injection rate setpoint
Max pump output
Pump control mode
Pump calibration status
Expected usages
Variance by percentage and volume.


Tank - On the Tank tab you will find your basic tank information, for example:

Product volume
Tank calibration status
Tank calibration voltages
Deliveries (if any)
Observed injection rate
Actual usages over 1/3/7 days
Amount delivered over 1/3/7 days